Saturday, 2 July 2011

Yeah, i iz laik, bare middle classs bruv...

Drivin' down da street in ma pimped out volvo, bruv, i got ma swagga on yeahhh, laik....

Have you ever come across people talking like that? I sure as hell have, and I just want to slap them. What would compel any sane person to abandon their hereditary idiom to use a bunch of made-up words and talk with the grammatical accuracy of an illegal immigrant? (That really isn't a rhetorical question, if you know why please enlighten me)

Do they think it makes them cool? If that's the case then they are sorely mistaken. But I think there is something more sinister going on. My peer group seem to feel that there is something uptight about being cultured, intelligent... and being grammatically and semantically correct. This is partly due to wise and clever people being portrayed as weird nerds in the media, but this is merely a consequence of an underlying cause that also manifests itself in other ways.

That cause is jealousy, more specifically the jealousy that stupid people feel toward intelligent people. Stupid people would not have much of a say in a world where ones social standing is determined by ones intelligence and intellectual prowess, so they have done their best to promote that misconception that clever people are weird and socially inept so that the general population will look past their cognitive shortcomings.

Smart move, stupid people. 

It goes without saying that stupid people will eventually cause the downfall of human civilization. 

Anywayz, I iz going to chill with ma frenzz coz i love dem sooo much.

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